iPad Pro concept imagines device without Touch ID, featuring bezel-less display & top notch area

A new iPad Pro concept from visualization creator Benjamin Geskin has imagined how Apple could reinvent the iPad Pro, with a full redesign similar to the one expected to launch on the iPhone 8 later this month.

The concepts imagine the iPad Pro without Touch ID, featuring a new bezel-less display and top notch area for a FaceID/FaceDetect facial recognition system which would unlock a device via authentication of a registered users facial features.

While the new iPad Pro concept looks visually flawless, Twitter has been quick to react pointing out that a bezel-less display of that magnitude may cause problems, with some worrying that accidental touches may hamper the user experience.

Apple most recently updated the iPad Pro at WWDC in June, however the device only received internal upgrades. It’s unlikely we will see an all new iPad Pro at Apple’s ‘Let’s meet at our place’ event this month, however the concepts give us an exciting indication as to what we could expect next year.

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