Samsung is to blame for high price tag of iPhone 8

We’re down to less than a week before we see Apple officially debut the iPhone (or possibly iPhone Edition). Regardless many sources are expressing their concern over the flagship’s price tag. Now, a new report from KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, says that Samsung is to blame.

In moving to the new OLED panels, Apple has tasked its long time frenemy to produce the displays. Although, currently Samsung is Apple’s only supplier which leaves Samsung calling all the shots. Allegedly Samsung is charging Apple somewhere between $130 to $140 for the OLED displays. To put that in comparison, the displays featured on the iPhone 7 Plus range from about $45 to $55.

“Apple is in urgent need of finding a second source of OLED,” relates Kuo. But at the moment, no other company seems to be up to the task. LG just jumped back into mobile OLED displays with the V30, but it can’t supply Apple with the millions of displays it needs.

Apple will soon be investing $2 billion into LG Display which could be the companies ‘ out for future models.

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