Remembering Steve Jobs 6 years on…

Today we remember Steve Jobs, 6 years on from his passing on October 5th 2011. Born in 1955, Steve was the child of Joanne Simpson and Abdulfattah “John” Jandali, but was adopted and raised by Paul and Clara Jobs.

Jobs grew up in Cupertino, California, where he graduated from High School and enrolled in Reed College, Portland. Steve famously dropped out of college and became a ‘drop-in’ student, attending art and philosophy classes while sleeping in friends’ dorms.

Steve Jobs was the public face of Apple for much of its history. He represented a belief in premium design and craftsmanship that produced a seemingly endless array of highly acclaimed technical products.

In a biography by veteran technology reporter Brent Schlender and Fast Company executive editor Rick Tetzeli, it was revealed that Steve Jobs refused to accept Tim Cooks offer to transplant a portion of his functioning liver. – “He cut me off at the legs, almost before the words were out of my mouth,” said Cook. “‘No,’ he said. ‘I’ll never let you do that. I’ll never do that.’”

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