Apple offering 50% off HomePod for employees

Ahead of the public release of HomePod next week, Apple is offering their employees a 50% discount off the price of the company’s new Siri controlled smart speaker, a saving of £159.50/$174.50.

The last time Apple offered employees such a large discount on a new product was at the launch of the original Apple Watch, offering 50% off the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport models, and £500/$500 off the solid gold Apple Watch Edition series.

It’s unclear how long Apple will continue to offer the cut-price deal for employees, however initial marketing has confirmed the promotion will be available for at least two months. The Apple Post reported yesterday that a handful of customers who pre-ordered HomePod last week have seen their order statuses change to “Preparing for Shipment”.

HomePod is still available for launch day delivery in all three launch countries, hinting HomePod may not be the runaway success Apple was hoping for. While it’s unclear if Apple simply has enough stock to for-fill orders and keep up with demand, polls and social media responses indicate HomePod’s steep price tag and lateness to the market will deter many potential customers.

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